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Juices are enjoyed by everyone due to their flavor and nutritious value. They are made from fresh fruits that are full of taste buds. Juices increase water quotient in our body along with vitamin C and other nutrients. Homemade juices are the purest type of healthy drinks. They are made from the best quality fruits that aren’t only citrus but are also nourishing. The homemade vegetable and fruits juices are refreshing and loved by kids and adults alike. The fruit juices are simple to make. Some of the Nutritious juices are, namely,


The easy to make homemade juices are:

• Lemon Ginger Ale: it’s one of the most refreshing summer chillers which are full of nutrients. The beverage is full of Vitamin C and combined with ginger, its nutrient quotient increases. One can produce the juice ginger, lemon, apple and handful of grapes. When served with ice, it’s very, very refreshing.

• Green power: The green coloured juice is a mixture of green apple, grapes, kale leaves and thickly sliced cucumber. This juice is especially good for pregnant women and in their periods. Blend the ingredients with a half cup of water and drink the energy packed thick shake.

• Tropical Morning: The juice is full of nutrients and has some rich fruits like mango, peaches, orange and coconut water. When agave nectar is added, it provides a heavenly taste.

• Vegetable cum fruit juice: Combine gala apples, carrots, orange, blackberries and kale leaves. The thick shake is not tasty but very nourishing.

• Homemade Morning Juice: This juice has enormous vitamins and minerals content. The ingredients of the juice are strawberries, apples, fuji, carrots and baby spinach. Mix the fruits and vegetables in a juicer and mix one cup of water. Drink the refreshing drink to gain energy.

Nutrition value

The Homemade juices are full of vitamins and minerals. Their nutrient quotient is high and they are completely energizing. The fruit pulp and its skin provides more nutrients than the juice. Also, some say that juices add calories to our own body because of excessive sugar content.

Homemade juices are high quality nutritious drinks made with extreme caution. Juices also have some merits and demerits; it is up to us to check whether the glass is half full or half empty.

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